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The Haiti Education Alliance, Inc. (THEA) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization formed by a diverse group of Christians unified by our shared calling to serve the Lord in Haiti. Cynthia Mudd, the founding president, was part of a medical mission team where she worked as an occupational therapist with those injured by the January 2010 earthquake in Port au Prince. After that intense trip and with the encouragement of the Manhattan Church of Christ, a group met to put our hearts and minds together to determine how we can best share God’s love and hope with those affected by such overwhelming devastation and help facilitate long-term, sustainable solutions.

As the hundreds of thousands of people affected by the earthquake throughout the country work to establish a new normal for their lives, it was clear the children needed and wanted to return to school.

THEA provides tuition assistance to students at the primary, secondary, vocational, and college levels in order to empower individual lives, families, and communities. Due to the scarcity of qualified medical/rehabilitation professionals in Haiti, THEA provides opportunities for Haitian men and women to attend college in the areas of medicine or rehabilitation, in order to  enable people to return to their communities with valued abilities.

THEA further facilitates community education projects such as backyard gardening training, egg production training for young men and women.   THEA partners with skilled workers in the community who teach these trades in ongoing classes 2-3 days per week. Graduates from THEA’s community education programs will have learned marketable skills enabling them to provide for their families and further empower and sustain their communities for a lifetime.

THEA aims to further  strengthen communities by promoting the advocacy and awareness of vulnerable populations in Haiti such as children, people with disabilities and the elderly.

Trips to Haiti are very important for education efforts in the communities we serve. We welcome you to join us and partner with our community trades teachers to teach THEA’s community education programs. We also welcome medical professionals, including physical and occupational therapists, nurses, doctors, and others to work at the local hospital and small-town clinics and to provide hands-on training for our college and vocational students as well as those in secondary school wanting to learn more about such medical professions. We welcome you to join us and partner with our community education teachers.