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Backyard Gardening Training

Backyard gardens help break the cycles of malnutrition and poverty.  The students are required to plant gardens for their families then teach others what they learned.  Initially, the produce is to be shared with their family and those in need. Once the community demonstrates decreased levels of hunger and malnutrition, THEA teaches business practices to sell surplus produce to sustain the program and increase community economic development, read more at the Chouprojects website.

Flat Bed Gardens
Sun requirements
Caring for your soil
Watering your garden

When to Plant Your Garden

Cool Weather Crops
Warm Weather Crops
Estimated Planting Times

What to Plant in Your New Garden

Should you plant seeds . . . or seedlings?
Hybrid seeds vs. Open Pollinated seeds what’s the difference?
7 Easy to grow Cool Weather veggies
5 Easy to grow Warm Weather veggies
Whether you are a new gardener or you have a few years under your belt you will find this course a great guide to improving your backyard garden. Please join our growing community of gardeners as we discuss the best practices for growing a great backyard vegetable garden!

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