Upcoming Trip

Needs for upcoming trip $340 Bibles in Haitian Creole $450 for graduation (robes, certificates, food, hall rental, decorations) $625 for business training of THEA community education graduates and others in the community $2000 to ship rehabilitation equipment to Port Au Prince. Please contact us if you are able to help.


5th Anniversary Fundraising Dinner

Many thanks to all who participated. Your support will change lives in Haiti.

Backyard Gardening Training

Backyard gardens help break the cycles of malnutrition and poverty.  The students are required to plant gardens for their families then teach others what they learned.  Initially, the produce is to be shared with their family and those in need. Once the community demonstrates decreased levels of hunger and malnutrition, THEA teaches business practices to sell surplus produce to sustain the program and increase

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Picnic Lunch

Picnic Lunch in Central Park Enjoy a picnic lunch with loved ones in Central park. You can buy lunch bags and picnic baskets of various types. All proceeds from the picnic will go toward sending 44 children and young adults to school as well as for THEA’s ongoing community education programs in Haiti. Order your lunch baskets here.

THEA’s Training Garden

THEA works with individuals in the community we’re partnering with, to enable them to plant, grow and eat nutritionally. Here’s a before and after look of one of the training gardens in Haiti.

Flower Power Campaign

You can help by participating in THEA’s Flower Power Campaign. This interesting article indicates that Haiti has the least level of available food of any other country in the world. To address this concern one family and one community at a time, THEA is working to change that, and increase nutrition in Haiti by: 1. On-going gardening and nutrition training certificate courses; 2. 3-5

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Caribbean Night 2012

The Haiti Education Alliance (THEA)’s 3rd annual Caribbean night was a night of great food, music, dancing, silent auction and all around fun! All of the proceeds  go to the education programs that THEA have initiated in Haiti. Thanks to all who participated and made it a success. Pictures