Breakfast and Tutoring Program

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The majority of needs we observe each trip stem from the effects of malnutrition in many children.

2016-02-22 20.18.43The children’s physical development is stunted, and they have difficulty learning in school. The children who do not go to school do not want to go to school, preferring to run the streets.  Their ability to sit through a class and focus seems impossible.  They are extremely thin, sometimes with orange-ing hair.

2016-02-22 20.20.03Children who present with the greatest effects of malnutrition in the community will receive a nutritious breakfast consisting of filtered water, Plumpy-sup (a medically promoted meal supplement for moderately severe children), oatmeal/bulgar/corn meal, and an egg (when THEA’s Chicken/Egg Production Program becomes operational). One local school who participates in THEA’s “Teachers Unite” seminars will initially host 20 children and provide tutoring particularly for reading books in Creole.