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THEA provides education supplies to schools and teacher training in the areas of child development (physical, cognitive, social, and spiritual) and building critical thinking skills.

9 Cute in their school uniforms

With your help, these children and other children without families identified by THEA will be able to learn a trade, read and write, and study God’s word.

There are very few public schools in Haiti.  Most families can’t afford for some or all of their children to go to school. Just $144 will pay for each child’s tuition, uniform, and school supplies for one year of Primary schooling. That’s just $12 a month!

Please consider making a monthly donation to enable 2 or 3 children to go to school.

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Teaching Materials

11Another way to strengthen schools is to provide teaching materials for the children to have hands-on learning opportunities. Children in Haiti primarily learn through repetition and memorization as schools most often lack resources for teaching which are required for learning more critical thinking skills.

THEA encourages individuals or groups such as schools, classes, churches, etc. to assemble teacher resource kits.
Classes are encouraged to develop a simple lesson plan to accompany their donated teaching materials. THEA translates the lesson plans and sends them to schools in Haiti within the community we are serving. Learn more about assembling teacher resource kits.