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2With few teaching resources available, students in Haiti primarily learn through repetition and memorization. However, all children with their variable learning styles, learn more effectively with hands-on education experiences. THEA supports schools and students in Haiti by partnering with schools, classes, and churches here in the United States to provide teacher resource kits.

This idea was sparked by a science teacher in New Jersey who donated various pieces of science equipment in good condition that his classes no longer needed. Another teacher in New York donated unused teaching materials that she and her colleague saved from the end of each school year.






Acadia, Rochester, NY

As part of a Girl Scout Gold Award, Acadia created 7 complete classroom science kits including materials for the experiments, lesson plans, and directions.  She created them to help foster a love for science in students who may not have the resources in their school to learn science through experimentation. Acadia created some of the instructions using pictures, and also translated other instructions into French (She has taken 5 years of French in school). Thank you, Acadia !

Suggestions for assembling teacher resource kits:

  1. Make this a fun, engaging, educational project for your class here in the States.
  2. Perhaps based on the materials you already have to donate, as a class, select a few simple learning objectives.
  3. Also, as a class, have your students write a simple lesson plan based on their objectives.
  4. Make a list of needed materials for the lesson.
  5. Give instructions on how to use the materials.

Please specify what age range you feel would benefit from your lesson. You may also choose to grade the activities for different ages. You are welcome to be very creative!

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Science experiments
  • Math concepts
  • Art
  • English
  • Bible stories
  • Music

Your teacher resource kit will need to be shipped to Haiti. Although kit sizes vary, we are asking for a minimum of $200 to help cover shipping costs. This could also lead to another fun opportunity for your students!

An elementary school in Missouri had a great time conducting a penny war to raise money for Haiti. To learn about penny wars and suggestions for other FUNdraising activities, click here.

Emailing your lesson plans to us before sending your kit, although not necessary, will give us an opportunity to translate the materials to Creole and French and get your kit to Haiti more quickly.

Ship kits to:
48 East 80th Street
New York, NY 10075

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please contact us.
Have fun! and Thank you!!